Episode 43: Viking Co-Host


Finished socks, a cardigan and blanket in progress, plus cute matching Viking Hats. Willow co-hosts, since it’s the school holidays…

Ravelry project pages for my FOs and WIPs:

Patterns mentioned:


2 thoughts on “Episode 43: Viking Co-Host

  1. I’ve been watching all of your podcasts in order since I joined your Ravelry group, and have finally caught up to the most recent episode. Totally agree with Alcatmom’s remarks re: Willow – she’s such a sweetie, and reminds me so much of my own daughter (now 18) at that age. My husband stopped by my computer while you and Willow were modelling the Viking hats, and immediately fell in love. (He thinks I should crochet a similar pair of hats for my daughter & myself, to wear the next time we attend GenCon Indy! (If you haven’t heard of GenCon yet, there’s a Ravelry group for that, too.))
    I like the different square sizes in the blanket WIP; the original knitted mitered square from 2 episodes back (before you had joined any of them) reminded me of a ripple afghan, which maybe would have worked, too.

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